Thinking about Eloping?

Do you dream of celebrating with your partner in a low-key way?

Eloping might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The idea of eloping seems like such a different way to get married that it could even feel complicated or overwhelming in how to start it all. That’s where I come in. Let’s find out what’s important to you, when you want to elope, and what other parts about your day you want to remember and prioritize the most! It’s that easy. We will find the best location so you and your partner can enjoy your day effortlessly. That’s the whole point, right? To enjoy your day without any timelines or restraints. Just you and your partner in love and celebrating together.

I eloped with my husband, Nate. We had our closest family and friends with us in Moab, UT. It was exactly what I wanted my experience to feel like marrying my best friend. It was easy, laid back, and intimate. We shared our personal vows separately, with our photographer documenting. We later joined a small group of family & friends on top of a petrified sand dune to celebrate and read some more simple vows for ease. I was able to have time alone with Nate and then joined and celebrated with my dearest friends and family. This experience is one I look back on and smile about. I feel like we made a choice to have our day be a reflection of us as a couple. I am still 100% solid and satisfied on my decision to elope. It was purely beautiful.

Elopements can be whatever you want them to be. Do you want to invite 10 people and head to Vegas for a fun shotgun style wedding where some Elvis and neon are a part of your day? Do you want to hike and camp somewhere special, wake up at sunset and read your vows at the first sign of morning light? Do you want to find a cool Downtown brewery and play yard games with your friends while you party the night away? Are you feeling like a modern courthouse elopement is more your vibe, where we go to a bad ass diner afterwards and drink milkshakes? We can do whatever you truly want. That’s why Eloping is so damn cool. It is a fully customizable way to celebrate committing your life to your significant other. You have my full support 🙂

This is my advice to couples wanting to do something more reflective and intimate-do it. You will be so happy you did. It is a great way to start off your journey with your partner. It’s the two of you, making a decision for the two of you.

Eloping is sweet, simple, and absolutely beautiful